Poster Presentations


Posters will be displayed in hard copy format and presented in real time and space, with a question period within 60 minutes. They can address a range of theoretical, empirical research-based or educational topics relating to but not limited to the conference theme.


All submitted abstracts should:

  • Be written in English
  • Use Times New Roman, font size 11, format justified
  • Contain 150 – 250 words (excluding title, author, affiliation and keywords)
  • Include a title of 12 – 15 words
  • Unstructured Content (in one paragraph only): Introduction, Purpose/Proposition, Approach/Methods, Results/Supporting Arguments, and Implication for Educational Practice
  • Include three keywords
  • Indicate clearly whether submission is theoretical, research-based or educational
  • Use APA 7th edition style guide

Guide for Poster Preparation

The poster should convey highlights of a research study in a format that can be easily read and comprehended in a short period of time, i.e. 3 to 5 minutes.

The body of the poster would have 300 to 400 words. It must be readable from a distance of 2m. Graphs or charts need to be carefully designed so that they are readily comprehended.

Elements of the Poster

  • The presenter is free to include or exclude any elements relevant to the poster.
  • Title: The title should be short and fit across the top of the poster. Authors’ names and affiliations appear below the title.
  • Introduction: keep this section short and clearly state the objectives
  • Methods or Experimental Design: Keep the text to a minimum. Use graphics where possible.
  • Results: Graphs (figures) are preferred over tables. Include captions with graphic. Tables should not exceed four columns. Keep statement brief.
  • Conclusion or Implications: Limit this section to a few bulleted statements.
  • References: Include the references at the end or bottom of your poster. Use numerical citation and number references in citation order.
  • Acknowledgements: Include this section when appropriate.

Poster dimension and format

  • Overall size: The preferred size of the poster is A0 (841mm x 1189mm (33.1” x 46.8”) in a portrait format. Please ensure that the poster is in English.
  • The resolution: should be 300 dpi and the colour modus: CMYK
  • Font type size: Character fonts should be Calibri; use the same font type throughout.
  • Title: 72 point or larger and bold; keep it short, not more than 80 characters including spaces.
  • Authors’ names and affiliation: 48 points
  • Section headings: 36 points, bold.
  • Text: 28 points.
  • Graphs and tables: all numbers and labels 28 points or larger.
  • Graphs bars and symbols: use colours; avoid cross hatching.
  • References: 20-24 point.
  • Acknowledgements: 20 to 24 points.